How to take photos with a bokeh effect without iPhone 7 Plus

How to take photos with a bokeh effect without iPhone 7 Plus

Surely many of you are more attracted to the iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7 than, and probably not because of the screen size, but because of the capabilities of the camera, which also allows to take portraits with depth effect. Alas, software is not available to owners of any iPhone except the iPhone 7 Plus. However, you can take pictures with depth effect, even if you have an iPhone 6s, iPhone 5s, or even a smartphone on Android.

Mode portrait photography allows owners of iPhone 7 Plus to artificially blur the background on portrait photos. The result is the similar to a photo with a SLR camera with stock lens for portrait photography. Why Apple this requires software processing? The problem is the aperture and the sensor size camera iPhone. They will never be the same as in the DSLR camera.

The wider the aperture, the more blurred the background in the pictures. On DSLR cameras you can adjust this parameter, but not on the smartphone. Aperture camera iPhone 7 – f/1.8, which is very good, but still not enough. Camera with this aperture is much stronger than could blur the background.

How to take photos with a bokeh effect without iPhone 7 Plus

The problem lies in the fact that the iPhone camera keeps in focus all. The reason is the sensor size. The bigger the sensor, the greater would be the depth. Compact cameras smartphone this parameter can not compete with professional cameras. This is why Apple has to use an artificial background blur.

How to take photos with a bokeh effect without iPhone 7 Plus

But you can still take a photo with the depth effect is absolutely natural, even if you have not the newest iPhone. For this you just need to focus the camera on the object, which will be very close. All of the objects that should be in the background should be far enough. Thus you will not be able to take portraits, but you have every chance to make a good shot.

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  1. Karl says:

    I love bokeh, but I’m not happy with the $1000 price tag of the iPhone 7 plus. However there’s an app called Portrait Blur which achieves similar effect for OLDER iPhones with just one camera. It’s FREE and really cool IMHO. Just search for Portrait Blur in the App store.

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