How to transfer an important function of the Apple Watch 2 for iPhone

How to transfer an important function of the Apple Watch 2 for iPhone

One of the main benefits of the Apple Watch Series 2 before the previous generation model was the “real” water resistant, allowing you to take shower with the watch to swim in them and even diving. To improve waterproofing designers from Cupertino managed by changing the internal structure of the device as well as the introduction of a special mechanism, able to push out of the housing remaining moisture. I wonder why you couldn’t do the same with iPhone?

Sonic is a relatively new and, moreover, a free application that reduce the possibility of damage to the smartphone after contact with water. The sound of the program, the speakers provokes the remaining drops of water shoot out of the holes almost without a trace. About this undeclared features of the app said one of the American users of the website Reddit with nick PointlessPankcake. With his words, not wishing to wait until the iPhone 7 it will dry after bathing, he decided to experience the power of sound and, as it turned out, not in vain.

“Using this app, I was able to generate a resonant frequency sound, forcing the iPhone to spit out the remnants of moisture from its speaker, shares his experience of the discoverer. – You may need to change the tone in the big or smaller party, but in any case it will be close to the value of 165 Hz. If the frequency is chosen correctly, you will literally see small droplets jump out of the hole for the earpiece. You will remain only that, just blot them with a towel or napkin.”

I think that will work?

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