How your iPhone can save your life

How your iPhone can save your life

Many iPhone owners are not even aware that they have a Health app, which Apple released not only to count steps and lovers walk each day in a gym. This tool turns your smartphone into a real medical card — Yes, the same one that is in your district hospital. Only here the benefit from that could be much more.

In the Health app there is a section called “Medical card”. Here you can fill in all the necessary information — date of birth, blood type, allergic reactions, contraindications, organ donation and so on. In General, all information that may be needed by the doctor when a patient in critical condition.

Apple know that such cases exist, and so made possible the access to medical records even without unlocking your phone. Just press SOS and select medical records to review. Useful if the patient is unconscious or unable to remember the password from your smartphone.

How your iPhone can save your life How your iPhone can save your life

Doctors in the U.S. for some time use the Health app — it helps them to instantly know all the information about the patient and not waste precious seconds if, for example, the person needs urgent blood transfusion. To many it means saving a life.

In Russia about this feature, few people know, but if the patient will provide the doctor with such a convenient and efficient tool that is unlikely to resist. Of course, better to have a medical card in the iPhone I never needed them, but unfortunately, anything can happen. So take a few minutes to complete the card — superfluous will not be exact.

How your iPhone can save your life

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