Humm will release the “emotional” headset for gamers

Innovative headset from the company Humm can turn the usual perception of computer games due to the direct impact on the emotions of the player. Details about the new gadget was published on the official website of the company.


Humm will release the "emotional" headset for gamers

The uniqueness of the new device is to use electromagnetic pulses. They are sent to the brain of the player through special sensors located in the headset. According to the developers, the impulses to the parts of the brain responsible for memory and learning. This will increase the speed of reactions, and improve the cognitive ability of the player, which can be used during the game.

Headset from Humm can be used during play and during work that requires intensive concentration. According to representatives of the Humm, the gadget will allow you to focus on even the minor aspects of professional activities.


Our device sends impulses to the brain for improved concentration during work, and facilitate user training in new skills. In fact, our headset only speeds up the brain.

The developers also note that to obtain a long-term effect (one hour or more) headset is enough to use 15 minutes a day. The company plans to launch production of the device at the end of 2019. The cost of a headset will not exceed $ 500.

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