Imagine if glossy Apple-white iPhone 7?

Imagine if glossy Apple-white iPhone 7?

iPhone 7 in color Jet Black, despite the extremely sensitive to external influences gloss, continues to attract the attention of fashionistas and lovers stand out against the background. Buyers are not confused nor higher than with other models cost, no video manufacturer recommendation is to wear the device in the case. Perhaps with the colour “Jet White” the problems will be less?

According to Japanese blog Macotakara, Apple duly responded to the shortage of the iPhone 7 in the color Jet Black and decided to submit to him in addition a glossy white model. Journalists do not call an exact date of release, stating, however, that the delivery of the required components has begun. Believe it or not, you decide, but the launch of the “Jet White” is extremely beneficial to Apple. And here’s why:

  • Black onyx iPhone 7 sold just fine and is still in short supply;
  • This smartphone is extremely popular in Asia, where, according to KGI Securities, Jet Black is the most popular coloration;
  • The white color is important for Apple, in terms of tradition;
  • Microscopic scratches and fingerprints are less noticeable on the white casing. For this reason, many owners of iPhone 4/4S at the time preferred this colour.

Truly white smartphone in Apple’s lineup is missing more than a year, since the cessation of production of iPhone 5c. He was replaced by unpainted aluminum case, which, given the name “silver”, was finally ousted from the white range for the device. The only company products, preserved milk color, its branded headphones and ceramic watches Apple Watch Edition.

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