Investor Jason Calacanis about Tim Cook: Apple manages short-sighted and incompetent man, he will kill the company

Entrepreneur, one of the investors of the service for booking trips, Uber, and former Netscape General Manager Jason Calacanis criticized Apple CEO Tim cook. Discussing the latest Apple products in This Week in Tech with Leo Laporte, he called Apple’s CEO “boring, short-sighted and incompetent.”

Investor Jason Calacanis about Tim Cook: Apple manages short-sighted and incompetent man, he will kill the company

Calacanis is unhappy that Apple has abandoned all connectors in the MacBook Pro and the headphone port in the iPhone 7. The program host began the discussion, Recalling that kupertinovtsy decided to reduce the cost of accessories with a USB-C after the announcement of the new MacBook Pro, probably realizing his mistake. Is Jason Calacanis broke the two-minute tirade criticizing the leader Apple:

“If you put in Apple’s logistics specialist, supply and administration – everything will come in time, but will suffer products… the Solution to get rid of the headphone Jack and force people to decide whether they want to charge the phone or make calls – it’s incompetence… And the MagSafe connector. To take brand innovation and suddenly abandon it, leaving four USB-C and thus taking a different favorite users function – HDMI, knowing how it is valued people in videobitrate and developers. This is absolute incompetence, which can only be expected from such a boring and short-sighted CEO like Tim cook, who was put in charge of the company with such heritage and such a dedicated audience like Apple. This is a disaster”.

Calacanis is afraid that Mac will turn away from the video editors and artists who prefer the new Surface.

“We need to talk about when Tim cook will resign because he’s killing this company. I mean, they have a lot of money, but it needs to go, because it’s jony Ive”.

The hallmark of the new MacBook Pro recall, was the only Thunderbolt ports, 3 USB and headphone jacks. The lack of other connectors has caused criticism from many users and forced the company to take action.

Last week Apple announced a temporary reduction of prices on some adapters for USB-C. thus, the cost of USB-C to USB now is 1590 rubles instead of 2490 rubles, and the price of the adapter from Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) to Thunderbolt 2 has declined from 2490 to 4090 rubles. The company also reduced the price of adapters to VGA and Lightning.

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