IOS 9 users complain of problems with email

IOS 9 users complain of problems with email

Since the release of the final version of iOS 9 16 September, many users have noticed incorrect work of email — for example, the problem with POP accounts and opening emails containing different attachments. First, Apple did not pay attention to it, but at the moment the corresponding thread on the support forum scored 22 page and over 200 comments.

No matter what email client you are using — standard or not, at any time, you may get a message “could Not load the email from the server” or “Enter password for account xxx”. However deleting the account and re activate does not resolve the problem.

Many of my old emails do not come on the iPad, they just are not downloaded from the server. I use POP, but IMAP account with no such problem, — says one of the affected users.

In the end one of the team Apple has now responded to the user — however, easier from it not.

The problem occurs if one of the devices (e.g., computer) where you have activated the account has been set delete the copy of the letter from the server. In this case, the user needs to check the settings on all gadgets connected to your account.

It doesn’t explain why you are having problems with displaying emails with attachments, as well as omissions by Apple with the release of an update iOS iOS 9.0.1 and 9.0.2. We will closely monitor the situation.

IOS 9 users complain of problems with email

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