iPad Pro vs. Chromebook: goodbye, Pixel!

iPad Pro vs. Chromebook: goodbye, Pixel!


The new model iPad is not only the largest Apple tablet, but also a real threat to the market, with both professional and not. One of the first that was able to feel the Google, and it is not about Android, but about the attempt to enter the arena of computer — Chrome OS. The fact that the flagship laptop of the search engine was supplanted by the development of Cupertino, and let’s look at why this is happening.

Honestly, a product called the Chromebook Pixel has always been a rather niche device. Despite the excellent build, design and performance of the gadget seriously overrated (another dig at the critics, tirelessly say “expensive” computer solutions from Apple, whose price is not unusual for the market). The tablet PCs based on iOS, albeit in a new role, also have enough restrictions, however, let’s look at the issue in more detail.

On paper the iPad Pro is inferior to the laptop from Google dry figures: the “heart” is Pixel powerful Core processor from Intel, and the amount of RAM can reach 16 GB. These characteristics can not boast of every desktop computer, itself “iron” is not enough to turn into a handy (and most importantly, well-selling) tool. As you may have guessed, the problem lies in the software, namely the original development of the search giant’s Chrome OS, and we are not talking about instability or any malfunction. Simply put, for its task quite much more modest “Arsenal”.


iPad Pro vs. Chromebook: goodbye, Pixel!

Apple, in turn, has focused on the use of a proven OS and a well-developed ecosystem of applications, which is the brainchild of Google is still very far away. The programs themselves are designed to work with this group of devices, which is a solid advantage due to optimization for specific interfaces and configurations. Not be amiss to note that Apple is applying a similar approach for a long time — at the presentation of the iPhone Steve jobs quoted the legend of Silicon Valley and part of the GUI pioneer Alan Kay.

Those who are serious about software development, it is worth thinking about hardware


Various tools available today on iOS, is surprised not only by the quantity but also the quality. Of course, the Chromebook copes with tasks like Skype, but outside browsers such works not the best example. Rumors about the merger of Chrome and Android ecosystems have been circulating for quite some time, but it still remains at the level of speculation; meanwhile the Apple services like FaceTime is not the first year are an army of satisfied users.

iPad Pro vs. Chromebook: goodbye, Pixel!

iPad wins “browser” laptop even some hardware aspects: despite a few large diagonal, the product boasts a higher screen resolution and dots per inch (the latter figure, however, has long been nominal). If to speak about the declared time of Autonomous
work, Chromebook can last up to 12 hours, making it more long-lasting than for 10-hour use of iPad Pro, however this is achieved through a twofold difference in the weight of the device. Frankly, for many users this can be a far more important not only the familiar keyboard, but technically, larger capacity equipment. Why formally? Just Chrome OS, without which this “filling” is useless — too niche thing, the prospects for which, especially given the propensity of Google to experiment, very vague.

In General we can conclude that iPad Pro is a “knockout”, it is clearly sickly slap in the face to the ambitions of Google computer. Of course, fans of the search giant will justify the cost of the device relatively expensive components, but as mentioned above, in the case of Chrome OS, their use is not justified too, and have been sacrificed to the ergonomics of the device. Turns out that the price of the Chromebook was a kind of side effect, which causes for the average user at best do not play any role. The relative popularity of the Chrome OS is determined mainly low cost devices, here comes to mind the analogy of Android’s flagship models which has long had a majority among the audience. Idea Chromebook is definitely interesting — this is unusual, and in the case of Pixel a very beautiful representative of the family PC, but in Cupertino once again demonstrated — “more” (or earlier) does not always mean “better”.

By the way, as another Apple product, MacBook Air, able to withstand a whole army of ultrabooks, you can read in detail in this article.

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