iPhone 4 will officially expire on 31 October

iPhone 4 will officially expire on 31 October


If the moment of any Apple product is removed from production, it takes five years, it is considered to be obsolete. According to the Japanese publication MacOtakara, the last day of October this fate befall your iPhone 4.

For owners of the device obsolescence means one thing: once this happens, the user will not be able to count on repair and maintenance of the product at authorized service centers Apple. But if he’s going to call support and ask some question with regards to this gadget, he politely refuse counseling.

Formal care in the past for the Apple product has some positive aspects. The device will have to get on a special page of the company website, which looks like a real virtual Museum and hall of fame Cupertino.


By the way, if you believe the above-mentioned publication, the iPhone 4 will also be joined by the MacBook Air late 2010, the third generation AirPort Extreme and AirPort Time Capsule mid-2009. Goodbye, favorite gadgets, and welcome to the Museum shelf!

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