IPhone titanium 7 shot from a pistol “Baikal 442” [video]

Titanium iPhone 7, created specifically for police officers, subjected to an unusual test. Camera shot of two kinds of military weapons.

IPhone titanium 7 shot from a pistol "Baikal 442" [video]

In early November, the Caviar company introduced the iPhone 7 on representatives of bodies of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. The device is made of durable bullet-proof material brand BT23] and also used in creating armor. The design model is the emblem of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia.

In the framework of testing titanium iPhone 7 the manufacturer has tested the smartphone for durability with a pistol “Baikal 442”. The shots were done with live ammunition from a distance of 4 meters.

IPhone titanium 7 shot from a pistol "Baikal 442" [video]

IPhone titanium 7 shot from a pistol "Baikal 442" [video]

IPhone titanium 7 shot from a pistol "Baikal 442" [video]

In order to obtain additional expert opinion regarding the strength of the iPhone, the journalists appealed to the national research Institute. Here the device of the shooting from a Makarov pistol (also from a distance of four meters).

The expert of the Institute, Director of tyre when MEI Nikolai Okurov, verdict: the titanium used to create the iPhone 7 corresponds to the second-third class protection and can withstand a shot from a Makarov pistol and a Kalashnikov. The performance of the product after such tests is not guaranteed but the device is able to stop a bullet and save a life.

The cost of a bulletproof iPhone 7 starts from 192 000 rubles in the amount of memory in 32 GB.

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