iPhone X will be the most waterproof smartphone Apple

Leaks related to the iPhone release anniversary continues even the day before his presentation. This time it became known that the new smartphone will receive the highest level of waterproof is IP68.

iPhone X will be the most waterproof smartphone Apple

According to a patent application filed by Apple in Taiwan, the company intends to protect the new iPhone from moisture and dust standard, which at the moment can only boast of Samsung Galaxy S8.

Last year, Apple released the first smartphone that can withstand immersion in water. IP67 standard, which created the iPhone 7 for 30 minutes in water at a depth of 1 meter. Apparently, the next iPhone will be able to “swim” longer and dive deeper.

Despite the existence of a patent, there is no guarantee that the new iPhone will get a higher standard of protection from moisture and dust, than the previous model. Apple typically patents are interesting features and developments that may never see the world. About what actually will be the anniversary of the iPhone, we learn already tomorrow, during the presentation of Apple.

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