Is it worth buying a Kindle or enough free apps for iOS and Android?

It is summer — the season of holidays, holiday cottage and great hospitality. Oddly enough — the time when many busy people are finding the ability and desire to read (not to mention the students, which in the summer is to read just falls). And many are thinking about electronic books and devices to read them. Techlife offers to understand whether they are, when everyone in your pocket for your smartphone and there is a free program for reading electronic books?

Is it worth buying a Kindle or enough free apps for iOS and Android?

Despite the fact that handed the title in the Kindle, there are, of course, and other brands. Just Kindle is the standard and many generally associated with the electronic book reader as such. And in Russia, still popular PocketBook, on the Internet you can find brands InkBook, Kobo, Onyx Boox, Nook. If you’re lucky, you can still manage to buy the unit of the family Sony Reader, although the company recently stated that goes out of business and takes your reader out of production. There are “Chinese” cheaper options, although for our taste, if possible, to save on the reader should not — on its screen you, your child or your parents, will watch for hours on end.

The pros “e-readers”

The main advantage of a separate device for reading books — a special screen, which is fundamentally different from a smartphone screen or tablet that does not strain your eyes. In the “reading room” used the technology of “electronic ink” — actually what you see on their screens, “it is written” as if it is real ink, that is, the screen does not flicker. As a result, he completely, absolutely, categorically does not irritate the eyes. Screen-reading devices like the Kindle or PocketBook physiologically no different from reading from paper!

Is it worth buying a Kindle or enough free apps for iOS and Android?

Other bonuses — long life on one battery charge (from several weeks to several months), as well as in the expensive models — dedicated buttons for page turning, which is easier than “shorcut” on the screen with your finger.

More bonuses:

  • In a typical reader like hundreds, if not thousands of electronic books;
  • Expensive models have is the screen backlight;
  • A large part of the readers is able to access the Internet (via Wi-Fi or 3G);
  • With the Kindle you can buy ebooks in the Amazon store did (although more in English).

Cons “e-readers”

Serious disadvantages in e-readers two. First, it is still a separate device. Yes, it is small — smaller and lighter than any tablet, fits in any bags and backpacks. But is still one additional device, no matter how podslushivaet pill.

Is it worth buying a Kindle or enough free apps for iOS and Android?

Secondly, of course, price. Yes, there is Kindle and PocketBook for 5-8 thousand rubles (and Chinese crafts and even cheaper), but the cheapest Kindle with a full set of features, the Kindle Voyage is already 15 000. But he not only has a backlight and Internet access, but also, more importantly, physical buttons for turning pages. He, Yes the new Kindle Oasis, but that price is altogether unmerciful.

A high price is brightened only by the fact that e-books cheaper than paper counterparts.

Pros free apps

The main advantage — zero cost. Although there are alternatives, but in General these programs are more often free than not. Or are a few dollars everyone can afford.

The second notable plus — they live on smartphones and tablets, not being a separate device that is always at hand and they are almost impossible to forget to take with you.

Is it worth buying a Kindle or enough free apps for iOS and Android?

Mini-plus — screen smartphone can be read in the dark without any illumination. Not all e-readers have a backlight function (life hack: for a cheap version of the Kindle and other e-readers you can buy a cover with a retractable flashlight).

A plus interesting, perhaps, students of e-books on tablets are easier to copy or save the necessary passages and make notes in different colors. Displays e-readers are black and white because of the limitations of electronic ink technology.

Cons free apps

The main disadvantage: they run on traditional tablets and smartphones, the screens of which, though safe for the eyes, but only in small doses. You don’t want to stare at the invisible flickering display iPad (even worse — a cheap Chinese tablet) for hours, and the children with their grandmothers, grandfathers we wouldn’t recommend it.

Is it worth buying a Kindle or enough free apps for iOS and Android?

The second minus — turn pages with a finger seems brutally uncomfortable, in any case, if you read for hours. The hand gets tired!

Third, the major drawback of the smartphone or the tablet will run without recharging well, if a few days. In “taiga” with them won’t leave.


If your family read a lot, then it’s time to explore the world of e-books. Depending on the financial prosperity we would recommend the approach to the choice between a free, “pay a little” and “highly paid” in the following sequence: setup> reader cheap obscure brands (but only with screens based on electronic ink) is> “good” model price 6 to 12 thousand rubles -> cool models with dedicated buttons, turning pages, 3G, high-resolution displays, etc.

Is it worth buying a Kindle or enough free apps for iOS and Android?

The big — huge — plus e-readers in comparison with the programs, it is the electronic ink technology, and everything else is just added convenience. That is why, if there is no money for a “firm”, it is possible to take “strange” reader — would be only Russian language support, but the screen on electronic ink.

Just around us and so too many flickering screens, in order still further to burden the eyes when reading.

P. S. by the Way, even Amazon has tablets with conventional screens do not mix! The main advantage of any ebook reader is the screen on electronic Ink, E-Ink, etc.). When you choose strictly look at its presence in characteristics, and a bright hint during the inspection in the store is the absence of color — screens on electronic ink in black and white.

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