It is worth switching from Android to iOS for the games?

It is worth switching from Android to iOS for the games?

When faced with a choice between iOS and Android, each, as a rule, are the arguments in favor of one or another operating system. And if we forget about bugs, the flaws, the differences in the interface and other things, there remains one significant reason why many still do not abandon their iPhone and iPad: games.

It is foolish to argue with the fact that iOS mobile games often appear much earlier than Android, and in recent years it has become even more noticeable, and it drew the attention of journalists Polygon. For example, the same Mortal Combat X or GTA series games. The same applies to such hits as The Room 3 and Fallout Shelter.

As said by the developers, it’s not because this operating system is bad — just on game testing for Android takes much more time. Due to the larger number of devices they have to test the same thing several times. While releasing a game on iOS enough to have an iPhone and iPad, for release on Android is to prepare about a dozen different gadgets.

Users are sick of it, and he sold my Samsung to get an iPhone. “I don’t want to wait,” he stated. You can treat it with understanding, but also about the developers should not be forgotten: is it better to get a product before, but with bugs, crashes and glitches?

At the same time, there are iPhone users who have smartphone there is no game. And with such challenges they face. And more early release games and apps is a powerful argument in the choice of operating system?

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