It’s time to finalize Family sharing in iCloud

It's time to finalize Family sharing in iCloud

iOS is very convenient. It has features not available on other mobile operating systems, and brighten the lives of the owners of Apple devices. For example, Family access. This feature allows you to share apps, music, photos and reminders with members of his family. It is very convenient and allows us to save money. However, this function can become even better.

What we lack in family access? Many users would like to have the opportunity to shop for their families with a variety of Bank cards. Today all purchases are made with maps of head of the family, which, of course, not that easy, but you always want to have more options.

It is a trifle in comparison with the. Apple ought to work on your family service rates and services. Today you can purchase a subscription on the Apple Music for the whole family. Why you just can’t for the whole family to pay for the extension of iCloud space?

If you pay monthly 50 GB of space in iCloud, they are available to you and only you. Apple could enable your family members to use these same 50 GB or offer family membership, under which each member of your family will receive 50 GB in iCloud. On the iPhone of your children can also be a huge number of photos, which have no place to store.

And of course, the head of the family could get more control over family. It may be that not all family members you want access to your reminders and photos. Apple invented a great feature. It’s time to upgrade.

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