Japan will help Apple to make Siri smarter

Japan will help Apple to make Siri smarter


Tim cook hinted about the important role of Japan in the plans of Apple for the development of artificial intelligence technologies. Your ideas Apple Executive said in an interview to the Japanese newspaper Nikkei Asian Review, where in particular said that the new engineering technology center in Yokohama, completion of which is scheduled for December this year, will focus on “advanced designs” and would be “very different” from what will the new engineering center that Apple is building at the moment in China.

Special details cook did not elaborate, but nevertheless noted that one of the main directions of the new center will be to work on artificial intelligence technologies and related services (if you’re thinking about Siri, I thought correctly).


“AI horizontal in nature. It can be used in all products. Even in those about which people never knew existed. For example, we want the AI increased the battery time of your device was able to recommend a specific set of music for subscribers to Apple Music or to help to remember where you last parked your car,” shared cook.

Japan has always been associated with robots. She’s more than a dozen years has been the development and active use of industrial robots. In the issue of AI in turn, this market is not very noticeable. This is most likely due to the inadequate funding in the technology of deep learning based on the analysis of huge volumes of information. In this regard the United States ahead of the rest. And all thanks to such companies as Facebook and Google.

To improve their positions Japan recently opened the Center for advanced artificial intelligence research in Tokyo (RIKEN). The main work of the centre will be focused around the development of AI systems, able to solve tasks using the principles of “Big Data”. The Institute will conduct cooperation with several major Japanese companies such as Sony, NEC and Toyota. The annual volume of financing for development is scheduled to be at the level of $ 100 million.


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