LG has registered the trademark “G5 SE”, and this is only the beginning

LG has registered the trademark "G5 SE", and this is only the beginning

After the release of the 4-inch iPhone SE we asked the question on AndroidInsider.ru: will launch the new iPhone a wave of compact but powerful Android smartphone? Today in the world of Android compact smartphones are usually inexpensive and low-power. We have to check, but I think all smartphone manufacturers are ready to follow Apple in everything.

LG company whose CEO has already expressed his negative opinion about the compact new Apple device, apparently, plans to release its “SE”. The South Korean Kipris website in the list of registered trademarks found several trademarks registered by LG. The application for registration of “LG G5 SE” was filed after 8 days after the release of iPhone SE. The application for registration “G5 SE” was submitted in February 2016 and December 2015.

LG has registered the trademark "G5 SE", and this is only the beginning

The first rumors that Apple will release a smartphone called the “iPhone SE” or “iPhone 5SE”, appeared in January 2016. Either LG has decided to release a smartphone with the same name before Apple or LG rumors reach faster than to the public.

LG produces compact versions of their flagship smartphones. However, they are less powerful in comparison with the flagships. If the company will release productive LG G5 SE in a metal case, it will be perceived as a step in the footsteps of Apple. By the way, already now there are rumors according to which HTC and Xiaomi are planning to release compact versions of their flagships with powerful hardware. It looks like the wave still running.

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