Like iMessage helps to get rich

Like iMessage helps to get rich

For the upcoming holidays Apple expects record sales of the new iPhone. To attract new developers to its platform, the company introduced a completely redesigned iMessage service this fall. How? It’s just that Apple has given them another channel to make money.

According to a study by the research company SensorTower, service stickers JibJab grew downloads at 1500 % after next week after iOS 10, which includes a new iMessage platform, became available to all users in September. In the new iMessage, the iPhone and iPad users can download and buy stickers, emoticons and other graphics directly from the App Store.

And this is just one of the examples where developers have earned (or increased load in the case of JibJab, which operates on a freemium model) money through iMessage. The business of stickers and “gitk” very profitable, since in many countries users just can’t live without them to communicate. So, for example, Japanese messenger Line has earned in 2015 and 268 million dollars. On the stickers, Yes.

So now intensified quite a lot of developers that want to publish your app in the App Store for iMessage. If the normal app store has become for users than anything else, here is a new market, a new niche that everyone can’t wait to take. In fact, Apple has once again created a new market. How long he will last is another question.

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