Love to play and think at the same time? Then you will love ZigZag

ZigZag appreciated by those who tolerate intense games without saving the score and extra lives. Explain, why ZigZag is not for nervous people.

After installation you can immediately start playing, ZigZag does not offer any instructional videos. This is not surprising: the mechanism is so simple that you can study it, trying to play just a couple of times. The goal is not to give the ball to fall from line. At the start he is heading to the right, and press on the screen changes the direction of the ball 180 degrees, and it moves to the left. This forms a zig-zag trajectory, which allows to overcome the sharp turns of the line.

Love to play and think at the same time? Then you will love ZigZag

The game has no end (at least for us to reach him failed) and the pause mode, and the more times you touch the screen, the higher the velocity of the ball. Also over time, the location change colour in more acidic tones. This is probably done to increase difficulty.

During the game you can collect gems and buy them in the store (the trash icon) new balls. Options in regular colors cost 100 crystals, the most expensive version in the futuristic — 500 crystals. At the time of purchase you do not see what choose a design, and only tap on the rectangle with the price. Speed or maneuverability when changing the appearance of a ball does not change, so that this invented rather for the sake of aesthetic pleasure. Sometimes after a loss the system offers to get 20 gems for watching a 30-second video.

In the main menu, you can mute (speaker icon), disable ads for 149 rubles (icon no ads) and be familiar with statistics, which is why the answer and the chart icon, and the icon of the Cup. Under “Achievements” you will see a history of receiving bonus points, in the tab “Results” — their place in the overall standings. If you click on it, turns a complete ranking of all players. “Challenges” during the writing of this review was unavailable.

Many users complain of the sudden appearance of ads not only between rounds, but in the course of the game. But we will share with you a little life hack: if you disconnect the device from Wi-Fi and mobile Internet, the ads will disappear completely: as a pop-up, or advertising bottom line.

App not suitable for nervous people because of the lack of options pause: in many similar games runners movement can not only briefly stop, but also to buy an extra life after the loss. However, gamers who love fast and carefully follow the screen, making the game highly.

Download ZIgZag from AppStore (only available on iPhone).

Also download ZIgZag from Google Play.

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