“MacBook” over 21 000 became a reality

The cost of laptops made by Apple in Russia begins with 69 990 rubles. At this price will cost the Junior version of the 11-inch MacBook Air. The company Hackbook suggested analogue of the portable computer Apple, but three times cheaper.


"MacBook" over 21 000 became a reality

For $329 (about 21 000), you can get a laptop HackBook Elite running the operating system macOS. As you might guess, we are talking about Hackintosh – Windows-laptop with adapted hardware device, software platform Apple. The authors propose a design of the HP EliteBook, which is a MacBook Pro 2013 edition.

HackBook is equipped with 14-inch screen with a resolution of 1600 x 900 pixels and is based on the Intel Core i5 processor. The device supports up to 8 GB and installing a hard drive (including SSDS) with capacities up to 1 TB.


"MacBook" over 21 000 became a reality

On the website Hackbook argues that all computer components, including a microphone, a trackpad and a webcam, are determined by the operating system. A computer can run any program for Mac, turning off iMessage and iTunes, if you wish, download available Windows. Right now the developers are taking pre-orders for Hackbook.

"MacBook" over 21 000 became a reality


It should be noted that the release of computers with OS violates the EULA of Apple. I dare the developers Hackbook to start sales of the unknown. But in this case we can expect a lawsuit from the manufacturer of these MacBook.

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