Media: in 2017 Apple will reduce the price of iPhone by $ 100

In 2017 we are waiting for the ten-year anniversary of the iPhone and, according to numerous rumors, Apple is preparing something special. Despite the fact that before the official announcement of the new smartphone even use the world wide web is full of all sorts of leaks about the upcoming new product. Today the media announced the cost of the future flagship Apple.

Media: in 2017 Apple will reduce the price of iPhone by $ 100

Apple rarely changes the price tags, so it was expected that the value of the next iPhone will not remain at the same level. Now the iPhone 7 with 32 GB of memory is available at $649 dollars and the iPhone 7 Plus with the same amount of memory — for $769. KGI’s sources, however, claim that Cupertino is prepared to reconsider the value of their smartphones, reducing it by $100.

We are talking about models with LCD displays, which will replace the current, the publication calls on their iPhone 7s iPhone 7s Plus. It is noted that the company expected to stimulate demand for its smartphones amid increased pressure from Chinese Android manufacturers.

iPhone 8, which also will debut in 2017, will gain more sophisticated hardware, including OLED display. It will be offered at the same cost as the current flagships. The analyst cites plausible explanation: the cost of production of the iPhone 7s with LCD displays will be lower than in the case of the iPhone 8.

Media: in 2017 Apple will reduce the price of iPhone by $ 100

Earlier it was reported that four suppliers of OLED-screens for the new iPhone will not be able to provide Apple the necessary number of displays to meet user demand in the next year. For this reason the company decided to use the displays for organic light emitting diode only in the older models of the iPhone 8.

You need to consider that the information are not official and should be perceived accordingly.

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