Network of shops of Apple Store celebrates 15th birthday

19 may 2001 the first Apple store, and this means that today marks 15 years since the opening of a branded retail network of Apple. Apple stores are famous for special philosophy and methods of work with visitors, it is always a pleasure to go. The atmosphere is so different from what’s on offer in traditional outlets that people seem to just enjoy it and willing to return again and again.

Network of shops of Apple Store celebrates 15th birthday

Unlike regular retail stores that care little about what people buy, as long as they buy in their stores Apple creates a special kind of relationship between buyer and brand. The result will be of benefit as a company, involving new clients, and buyers themselves, who feel any involvement in the legendary brand.

Network of shops of Apple Store celebrates 15th birthday

However, behind the veneer of the Apple Store hides a tight control communication of employees with customers, great technical support cases and details of the interior, right down to what pictures and music installed on demo devices. For such sensitive work, employees receive $9-15 per hour and the “genius” (tech support Genius Bar) – $30 per hour.

The video to the article you can watch a personal tour from Steve jobs where he talks about what visitors can expect from the official Apple store. A lot has changed since then – from program sales expansion abroad and new Vice-President for retail and online trade Angela Arends prior to new design decisions johnny Ive – but one thing has remained unchanged – Apple pays much attention to quality customer service.

The Apple Store has achieved tremendous success and to date has no equal, despite the attempts of Microsoft, Samsung and other competitors to beat Apple.

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