New Apple patent confirms the display is “edge to edge” iPhone 8

This year, Apple plans to completely rethink the design of the iPhone. Instead of aluminum case will get all-glass shell and OLED display. According to a patent application Apple next phone may be equipped with a special screen that will allow you to place sensors directly below the front surface, creating a display “edge to edge”.

New Apple patent confirms the display is "edge to edge" iPhone 8

Now the active components of the iPhone camera, light sensor, speaker, proximity sensor – placed in a special region outside of the display. This limits the ability to create more sophisticated devices. By placing the components under the display panel, Apple is planning to release a smartphone with a screen in the entire front surface.

The company is working on technology that will allow you to place important components of a smartphone under the screen. This is evidenced by the new Apple’s patent application issued by the Bureau on registration of patents and trademarks of the United States. In document number 9543364 described display with the possibility of the location of sound emitters, cameras, proximity sensors and ambient light sensors that control the automatic brightness under display panel.

New Apple patent confirms the display is "edge to edge" iPhone 8

As one of the ways to implement the system of micro – so small that they are not visible to the naked eye. At the same time, their size is sufficient for reliable operation of the components. The holes will be in the form of a cone, thus allowing the maximum passage of light.

New Apple patent confirms the display is "edge to edge" iPhone 8

Screen design for the future iPhone also provides for the introduction of additional layers, for example in order to record the ambient light level is or read fingerprints. This will produce a more compact and elegant device without sacrificing functionality.

New Apple patent confirms the display is "edge to edge" iPhone 8

Early last year, journalist John Gruber said that 2017, Apple is planning to radically revise the design of the iPhone. The new generation of “Apple” devices, alleged to be one large display panel with no margins on sides and technological holes for the light sensor, camera and speaker. While Touch ID will be embedded directly into the display.

In September 2016 the New York Times wrote about that in the future the iPhone will get a display “edge to edge” button and biometric identification embedded directly in the device’s screen.

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