New drop tests iPhone XS questioned its impact

New iPhone XS and XS Max went on sale on September 21. In Russia flagship smartphone Apple will be available only on September 28. Meanwhile, the Network has already appeared the first drop tests of the XS — and their results, to put it mildly, cannot be called successful.


New drop tests iPhone XS questioned its impactDuring the presentation of the new iPhone, Apple once again noted that the creation of cases for smartphones using only the most durable glass. The first drop tests confirmed that the glass in the iPhone XS is really hard to break, but the more videos of this test appears in the Network, the less users trust the words of Apple: glass new XS beats, and beats really hard.

One of the most memorable videos of drop test iPhone XS was posted on the YouTube channel of CNET. XS withstood falling from my pocket from a height of about one meter the best of its predecessor, the iPhone X: falling flat, the smartphone just got a small chip on the side of the frame and a barely visible scratch on the glass panel.



If the iPhone XS is falling vertically downwards, the consequences for its glasses will be more disastrous: the panel is smashed to bits after falling from a height of 1.8 metres. The video with the same drop test was posted on the channel SquareTrade, Inc. YouTube. It doesn’t matter on the rear or front side of the iPhone will fall XS: glass in any case will remain intact.

Drop-tests conducted by the channel EverythingApplePro has demonstrated that the iPhone XS proved to be more durable than its Max version. It is interesting to note that even with broken glass both the iPhone retains the ability to recognize its owner due to the Face ID feature.


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