New MacBook Pro not have survived after connecting “flash killer” [video]

In the Internet appeared the video, which to a new MacBook Pro connected the USB flash drive-USB 2.0 killer Killer. The result was disastrous: out of order, not only the charging port of the laptop, but laptop.

New MacBook Pro not have survived after connecting "flash killer" [video]

The new MacBook Pro is not capable of withstanding direct connection “flash-killer” Killer USB 2.0 – it stops working, although I must burn only the USB connector. It found great under the name EverythingApplePro who had used a “flash-killer” in turn to the Galaxy Note 7, GoPro 5, Google Pixel, MacBook Pro, iPad Pro, iPhone 2G, removing the whole process on video. The video was posted on the user’s channel in YouTube.

USB 2.0 Killer sold in kit with fuse Test Shield, which allows you to test the drive without damaging the device. Killer the USB 2.0 to the USB port via the Test Shield, it is necessary to check whether a spark jumps between the bare wires of the fuse. If it slips it means that the flash drive is working, and is able to interact with the device. EverythingApplePro conducted such a test before actual use to verify that these conditions are met in the case of gadgets.

After the flash drive was connected to a MacBook Pro without the fuse, there was a metallic click and the phone went out. The notebook has stopped responding to touch. The device failed to return to life even after connecting to a power source. During the experiment survived, and the Android smartphone Google Pixel. At the same time, the iPad Pro was able to resurrect a simple reboot.

USB flash drive USB 2.0 Killer was presented by the Russian developer known by the pseudonym Dark_Purple, in 2015. Connected to the USB port it very quickly charge its capacitors and then discharges quickly through the data transmission bus of USB port that disables 95% of the devices. Dark_Purple tried to raise funds for the production of streaming device, but did not succeed.

To establish production and launch USB flash drive on sale managed three developers from Hong Kong and Shenzhen in 2016. Their product can be ordered on the website of the developer for 49,95 euros.

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