[OS X] How to disable cursor in El Capitan6 review

[OS X] How to disable cursor in El Capitan6 review


New features are great. However, in practice, there will always be those who will want to work the old-fashioned way, even if it is seemingly insignificant things. One of these options that we discuss in this article.

Despite the cheerful skepticism with which the public embraced the search function of the cursor at the El Capitan, your humble servant new liked. Working with multiple monitors, it is easy to lose notorious the cursor, and the possibility so easy to find it has been very useful. However, under certain scenarios, such as games or drawing, this feature can interfere with the usual course of work. Specially for such cases in OS X provides easy management option.

So, to disable the cursor, you will need to open the Apple menu in the upper left corner of the screen and go to the “System settings”. Next we are interested in the category of “Universal access”, in which cupertinos masters have long been hidden all sorts of interesting things. The item is in the tab “Display”.


[OS X] How to disable cursor in El Capitan6 review

As you can see, is a new option in a not too obvious place. Probably in future updates it will take in one of the usual sections like “Mouse” or “Trackpad”, but in “Universal access” recently there are many new functions related to the features of the interface, both on Mac and iOS. By the way, you can change the “permanent” size of the cursor, and disable the transparency effects of the interface, which reduces the load on the graphics system and is especially important for older Mac models. The main purpose of the section — setting up the system for the convenience of users with disabilities.

Hopefully, this simple advice will save you from unnecessary searches — in all senses of the word. Easy work!


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