Apple Music expands the horizons

It seems that Apple has truly grandiose plans for their streaming service of music. The company goes far beyond iOS and iTunes and a rapidly increasing user mass. Today Apple Music will be available for wireless speaker...


Macs were again at risk

It looks like the industry computer security waiting for the next interesting discovery — a team of researchers has created a new worm capable of infecting Mac computers, reports Wired. It works on the level of firmware...


iPhone living week: reality or fiction?

What would daring jokes about the battery Android we never let go, to be completely honest to myself: the iPhone running on the same charge less than a day, sometimes causes suppression. This is evidenced by the...


8 secrets good shooting on your iPhone

We email often send letters with the question how to learn how to photograph with iPhone. In General, simple answer is no: the picture quality is the result of a symbiosis of many processes, debugged to automatism....


Will the iPhone 7 feature wireless charging?

Common concern features four-inch iPhone 5se finds signs of fanaticism, but the true flagship the company should be still iPhone 7. The latter, according to rumors, will be different from the devices of previous generations like appearance...