That will make the iPhone 7 thinner?

Apple will not, if in September of this year Phil Schiller, announcing the new iPhone, won’t utter the phrase “We have made it even thinner”. It would seem, what else can you do besides cutting the battery...


A place where die iPhone

Did you know about the existence of round-the-clock protected plant in Hong Kong, fenced from the outside world, the walls of which die and are recycled popular Apple smartphones? Several such plants around the world, and for...


iPhone 5c for 280 rubles? Well, almost

Recently news from the world of produced smartphones didn’t come from Cupertino or China, as we used to, and from India. Local company Ringing Bells has introduced a smartphone codenamed Freedom 251, which can be bought for...


[Diablo] App Store in retro style

Some of the readers of our site remember the days when computers did not have a graphical interface, and the mouse was then a novelty. The number of colors on the screens was limited to sixteen, and...