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Devices from Apple, the bulk of us completely satisfied, although some aspects we would like to strengthen in accordance with the specific needs of users. For this there are a large number of accessories, many of which...


Do we need 4K display in the iPad Air 3?

iPad Air 3, also known as compact iPad Pro promises to get a truly flagship filling. 4 GB of RAM, 4 stereo speakers and even razor-sharp 4K display will not leave indifferent to almost anyone. In this...


March 21 will be an important day for Apple

According to authoritative sources, the long-awaited presentation Apple will be held March 15, as stated earlier, March 21. Information transfer editions Re/code News and BuzzFeed, and the more sources, the more they want to believe. According to...


iPhone 6s Plus was disassembled

Behind iPhone 6s iFixit decided to disassemble and expose another new product from Apple — the iPhone 6s Plus. I think you will find the same thing in the 4.7-inch model? Not at all. What’s under “the...