[OS X] Add location to photos

Geotagging is a handy feature that allows you to quickly determine where a particular shot. In the mobile system iOS with user permissions and enabled location-based services — it works automatically, but what about Mac owners and...


Smart watch replace Swiss mechanics

In light of recent events, a sharp decline of the Swiss watch industry recent statement by johnny Quince that Apple Watch will be able to become the industry leader, does not seem so pretentious and overly ambitious....


iPhone is losing popularity in Russia

While worldwide iPhone captures individual markets, retail the Russian smartphone still gives competitors. If you believe the report of analysts of “Euroset”, the share of iPhone in Russia dropped to the lowest level in a long time....


A useful feature of “Mail” for iOS

If you spend a lot of time in the Mail app (Mail) for iPhone, you are probably faced with a situation where in the process of writing one message you needed to go back to another letter...