Happy birthday, Joni!

On February 24 we celebrated the birthday of Steve jobs, but he is not the only key Apple employee born under the sign of Pisces. February 27, 1967 was born one of the most prominent designers of...


How to set font on Mac

Those who often work on a Mac, welcome any opportunity to customize your operating system. In OS X functions for this abound, especially in El Capitan, but in order not to clutter up the interface, they are...


Apple rethinks photos in iOS 10

As if Apple tried to distribute the Photos among Mac users, it still does not enjoy the popularity that you want. Yes, on iOS same application opens almost every day, but there’s just no decent alternatives. But...


Can the FBI hack your iPhone?

The issue now is even concerned for those who are far from conspiracy and encrypt data, but privacy and protection of your information. According to Apple, the FBI wants to force her to create the software to...


What to do if iPhone is not charging

Sooner or later iPhone owners may encounter one problem: the smartphone is charging through once or not at all “sees” a single charge cable. This problem has several solutions, you need to use them before take your...