2: a simple arcade game that may surprise you 2 is a minimalist game that is able to simultaneously relieve stress and cause excitement. Tell how this is possible. 2: a simple arcade game that may surprise you

Gameplay 2 is simple enough: a small piece of territory on the screen figure appears and begins to automatically move in a random direction. The player needs to control her finger move across the screen to reach the goal — to capture as much space.

It needs to bring the figure outside of your site and be sure to return back, that is “to bite off” a piece. For the sake of clarity, in figure stretches a colored trail, which duplicates the trajectory.

To its territory could be added as part of the overall playing field and players: you need to call on them and quickly return to yourself — in this case, the selected piece will join the already existing and will be painted in the color of the figures. 2: a simple arcade game that may surprise you

The complexity of the process lies in the fact that in the 2 is very easy to lose.

First, nobody, not even the player himself, must not cross the trail. It is not very convenient: sometimes during the capture area occurs automatically desire to write on the field some interesting figure, for example, eight. Just remember the “Snake” that ended when he hit a brick itself.

Also, the trail must cross the opponents. This should not take too long to be outside its territory, as this increases the danger from other players. Accordingly, in order to remove someone, you need to cross someone else’s color imprint. Then on the screen appears the inscription “Kill!”, and the victim will fall to the colored squares. Crashing into the head of the opponent is not: in this case, the field will leave both figures.

Secondly, your site need to follow, because other players can easily pick it up yourself, and the round ends. 2: a simple arcade game that may surprise you

In The 2 have glasses. The system takes into account the percentage of the total area is occupied territory, and shows it in the upper left corner of the screen. If someone becomes a leader, it is his site is the biggest on the figure appears a crown.

A respawn can occur anywhere, but the best option is a slice near the edge of the playing field, as it at least with one hand will protect the area from enemies. To control the figure can be from anywhere, but better to do it at the bottom of the screen so the app works best.

Levels in 2 but achievements the receipt of new figures. For example, for the murder of a leader you can get pink donut, and for the achievement of territory, which is 10% of the playing field — a cow. 2: a simple arcade game that may surprise you

Why 2 will suit those who want to relax and those who love the excitement? The fact that the very process of drawing is very soothing to the player only need to slide your finger across the screen and watch as it grows its plot. And the excitement causes the presence of rivals, owing to which it becomes competitive moment. Obviously, for this reason, the game ranked first in the ranking of free games in the App Store.

Download 2 from the App Store here

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