Parallels Desktop 12: how to run Windows programs on Mac [+3 promo]

This week, Parallels released the twelfth version of its most popular product – Parallels Desktop. This utility allows you to run Windows applications on a Mac without rebooting. The program runs on more than 5 million computers around the world. Because of its appreciable price, however, Parallels Desktop for Mac are not yet particularly well-known in Russia. According to the statistics, it was installed about 5% of users of MacBook and iMac. However, a new tool – Parallels Desktop 12, is designed to fix this annoying flaw of the company. The update brings many new features and makes the inclusion of programs under Mac even more convenient.


Parallels Desktop 12: how to run Windows programs on Mac [+3 promo]


How to work with Parallels Desktop


What is the meaning of the program? Mac users are so used to their system that they don’t especially want to run, and even Windows. And sometimes very necessary. Microsoft took over the PC market, and many programs and games, unfortunately, are run under its operating system. There is an insane amount of utilities that simply do not go on a Mac. Now, the installation of a new program from Parallels will allow you to forget, what operating system you are working on.

Before you begin to create and start new virtual machine, install Parallels Desktop. Some users find that the virtual machine – something extremely difficult, afraid of the very name and do not even want to try to learn “such a horror”. But the program is intuitive interface, conducting you through the entire provisioning system.

Parallels Desktop 12: how to run Windows programs on Mac [+3 promo]


So, to prepare the program to work you must go through three simple steps:

  • Installing Parallels Desktop 12 in the computer.
  • Directly through the program to install Windows or to migrate Windows from a PC (if Windows is already installed).
  • To supply and configure a familiar Windows application.
  • All these steps have to be performed once – during installation of the program. Then all utilities can be run directly in the Mac. It is also worth noting that the program supports not only Windows, but other operating systems, so it can run anything from Linux, Ubuntu, Fedora, and Google Chrome OS. And, of course, Parallels Desktop is already configured to work with Windows 10.

    Parallels Desktop 12: how to run Windows programs on Mac [+3 promo]

    Features Of Parallels Desktop 12

    The updated version of Parallels Desktop for Mac provides improved performance, support for operating system macOS Sierra and includes the Parallels Toolbox – 20-tools that simplify everyday tasks on the Mac.

    In the twelfth version of the system virtualization, the developers have implemented a number of new features, including the ability to directly purchase Windows 10 and install it using a special wizard. You can also adjust the time you download and install Windows updates. This feature allows you not to wait, when to install any updates, losing work time, and to determine in what time period these actions of the computer.

    Parallels Desktop 12: how to run Windows programs on Mac [+3 promo]

    Parallels Desktop 12 is the Xbox app for Windows 10 and the ability to stream Xbox games on a Mac computer; the storage used in the continuation of the practice of the passwords in the keychain Mac Keychain; archiving of virtual machines to save disk space and the possibility of setting limits for resource usage by guests; a pre-configured network profiles (“Edge”, “100% loss”, “3G”, “DSL”, “Very bad network” and “Wi-Fi”); simplified backup of virtual machines thanks to a one-year subscription to Acronis True Image with 500 GB.

    In addition, Parallels Desktop 12 received special optimization for the popular shooter Overwatch from Blizzard.

    Parallels Desktop 12: how to run Windows programs on Mac [+3 promo]


    Have Parallels Desktop 12 there are a lot of advantages. It has a nice interface, runs faster than its predecessors. With its help, you can run Windows and Linux on your Mac, and then use these virtual machines with the help of their tablets or smartphones. A special mode helps to save battery. Parallels Desktop 12 introduces support for macOS Sierra, so this OS you can test without installing.

    Parallels Desktop 12: how to run Windows programs on Mac [+3 promo]

    At the same time, there are some drawbacks. So, it still takes a lot of resources Mac. For normal operation it requires a powerful processor and abundance of RAM. If you are going to concurrently perform any resource-intensive tasks, Parallels Desktop, that would be problematic. And another problem is simple enough instruction for beginners. If you’ve never dealt with virtual machines, Parallels Desktop 12 at first it may seem a little strange.


    Parallels Desktop for Mac 12 presented in the editions Standard, Pro and Business with different functional capabilities. The recommended retail price for the standard version is 3990 rubles.

    Product developers have provided us with three promo code for a free download of the tool. Codes will be raffled among the visitors who left a comment on the article. Don’t forget to fill in the E-mail. Good luck!

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      This tools is amazing with support for latest macOS and Windows 10. Best features is to run the windows already installed in bootcamp, it is the best vm solution to run windows in mac.

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