Production of the iPhone in India will begin next year

Production of the iPhone in India will begin next year

Apple is going to start production of its iPhone smartphones in India and, according to recent information, is in the final stages of negotiations with the government on the construction of the necessary production lines.

On the wave of the increased popularity of the smartphone market in this country, the company from Cupertino a few months of trying to bite off a piece of the pie, but the specifics of the local laws, presumably attributable to local producers, did not allow Apple to open its own stores until you build the necessary infrastructure for their production.

Despite some concessions granted to the company after Tim cook visited India, the Indian government still refused to take Apple’s place in the market, if that is not will have their plants in the country, so the company is soon going to solve this issue.

Indian media reported that the work on the construction of the necessary facilities will be conducted together with the company Wistron, the Taiwanese OEM manufacturer, who is already a partner in Apple. It is planned to build two plants, one in the Indian industrial complex of the Penha, and the second in Bangalore. Despite the fact that Apple has not officially confirmed this information, the media report that production will start in April next year, starting with new line iPhone 7.

Apple is recruiting staff

Despite the lack of official information, all the news indirectly confirms that Apple is currently seeking new employees in India. Some of the positions also hint at the fact that we are talking about the production of iPhones.

9to5mac points out that in one of the open positions listed on the search “production Manager iPhone” in Bangalore, whose task will be to increase production volume. Among other jobs there is a place for: vendor Manager regional sales engineer to ensure the reliability of the equipment Manager to work with partners, sales Manager, head of software development, as well as several other specialists.

Manufacturing iPhones in India will allow Apple to benefit from one of the fastest growing markets of mobile devices in the world. The mobile sector in India is growing so fast that if current trends persist, the country has all chances to occupy second place after China in this sector in 2017. At the same time of the Apple smartphones sold in India through third-party retailers, we have a total of 5 percent of the Indian mobile market.

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