Replacement AirPods have to wait long

Replacement AirPods have to wait long


If you don’t like AirPods or you are afraid of losing them, and listen to music on the iPhone 7 without the audio Jack still wants to, the company prepared the alternative is wireless headphones BeatsX. The device was supposed to come out last fall, but so far nothing about it was heard.

And now, iStockNow reports that the headphones can be on sale next week. Given the delay of several months, the statement seems quite plausible. AirPods buyers also had to wait quite a long time, but suddenly the headphones appeared in the online store.


BeatsX design much easier AirPods — they do not have moisture protection and special case for charging, but one earphone is unlikely to be lost because they are linked by a wire. The battery life of the headphones is 8 hours, you can connect them five minutes to charge via the Lightning to get an additional two hours.

In the Russian online Apple store, the device is available in two colors for the price of 10 990 rubles.

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