Resident of Cherepovets three times in a row sold a faulty iPhone

It is no secret that the choice of smartphone in our days takes sometimes several days studying specific information, tests, reviews and choosing the right seller. The inhabitant of Cherepovets Alex did not bother with such trifles and bought the iPhone in a small retail outlet. He bought an iPhone as a gift daughter. Gadget and immediately the problems started. Phone, for which the buyer has already paid, was not involved in the store, and the man handed over a replacement.


Resident of Cherepovets three times in a row sold a faulty iPhone

The best gift

As reported 35Media, in the beginning of the month Alex came to the point, the name of which hearing the residents of the city due to active advertising in the Internet to buy the phone. iPhone 4 he purchased for 9 600 rubles.


The man remembers that the seller entered into a contract of sale, took the money and then issued a camera. But they didn’t. He offered to send the goods for examination to the service center and wait for the results. Alex refused. “I’m still from the store even came out, what is assessment?” — he was surprised. Then he was given another smartphone and signed a new contract.

The iPhone worked for a couple of months and it suffered the same fate as the previous. Alex came back into the outlet; the phone was taken away for examination, and after a month, its results got a new one. It was in August, and 3 October, the iPhone stopped to connect to the Wi-Fi network.

Resident of Cherepovets three times in a row sold a faulty iPhone


Alex decided the phone not to give written complaint. The claim, according to him, the seller and her boss — the Director of the point is to take refused, then he sent it by courier to the registered address of the company.

That suggested Alex at the store? Give them an iPhone with the condition that the money be returned when the required amount will be in cash. The man did not agree: “How do I know when they will return the money, it may for months to stretch”. In fact, this is the story and stopped.

The right decision

“The man was absolutely right, — said the Deputy chief on protection of the rights of consumers of Rospotrebnadzora Alexander Golenkov. The law gives the owner 10 days to review the claim, then your reader can go to court. Each month the court hears many such cases and decides them in favor of buyers.”

Resident of Cherepovets three times in a row sold a faulty iPhone

Alexei has the opportunity to earn even more money than he paid: he may include in the amount of the claim money in damages and a penalty of 1% for each day that the seller could not pay him the money for the return. That man tried to solve the case before the court (wrote a complaint and talked to the head of the outlet), will play into his hands at the meeting.

“Alex says that the phone he sold it as new. But when he came to change it, the salesman asked: “What do you want? It’s restored the iPhone!” If he can prove in court that it misled? — asked the expert of Rospotrebnadzor.
— It’s not easy, — said Alexander Golenkov. — First, it is necessary that his testimony was confirmed by witnesses. Secondly, we need expertise, which would show that the phone was restored.”

That did not consider the buyer

Give advice, not to be in a situation of Alexis. First of all, where to buy iPhone, iPad, and Mac? This Apple contains a list of names and addresses of Resellers — companies-intermediaries who concluded a contract with the manufacturer and can sell his product. Those at Apple are less than desired and it is a major trading point; a store that chose, not one of them.

Resident of Cherepovets three times in a row sold a faulty iPhone

Now that the iPhone is restored. In 2015, Apple began selling phones in the “as new”. It’s an iPhone that had been returned by customers due to any defect or to replace the model of the next generation and have been restoring forces of Apple — they have eliminated the marriage, replaced the battery, case and screen. Their re-sell, but much cheaper than new. By the way, too, only official Resellers.

But iPhone restore not only their producers. China has launched the business of repair of the defective gadgets and sell them. As their repair — I only know Chinese collectors. These phones get on the shelves “gray” shops and are sold under the guise of new or positioned as manufacturer refurbished.

And one more important detail. Restores the Apple iPhone 5s and iPhone 6/6s. The fourth model in this short list — it is officially discontinued. So I advise you to consider this before purchase.

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