“Rostelecom” plans to the end of the year to launch a paid analogue to Skype

“Rostelecom” till the end of 2016 will start in commercial operation your messenger with reference to the number of urban phone. This was stated by the President of the operator Sergey Kalugin in an interview with TASS. The project is called “alle”, we are talking about the application that allows you to make calls and exchange messages.

"Rostelecom" plans to the end of the year to launch a paid analogue to Skype

“Commercial operation OTT Communicator “alle” we plan to begin before the end of the year. Now carry out the necessary commissioning work and testing of services,” he said. According to Kalugin, the application will be primarily focused on voice communication (making connections through the data network). “A distinctive feature of the service is binding to a landline phone,” he said.

It will work not only on the network of JSC “Rostelecom”, but also the networks of other operators, including mobile. But the service will be paid the company has no plans to compete in the market free instant messengers and VoIP applications.

"Rostelecom" plans to the end of the year to launch a paid analogue to Skype

Developing your own messenger “Rostelecom” began in March. According to the materials on the procurement website, created design layout must “meet the requirements” of smartphones and tablets with the operating system iOS (iOS 8 and above) and Android (Android 4 and above). Programmers create screens video calls and audio calls between users of the service, incoming and outgoing voice calls, instant messages, calls log, contact management and presence information of the user in the network.

Rostelecom is currently involved in the expert group for the development of messengers for government agencies. “Currently we are sharing their technological expertise, but in the future, after the formulation of technical requirements, we will be ready and other forms of participation”, – said Kalugin.

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