Russian Railways begin tests of an unmanned train in Moscow

The first tests of unmanned trains will be held at the Moscow Central ring (ICC) in 2019. Later they plan to launch at the Moscow Central diameters (IDC) and suburban trains in the Moscow region.


Russian Railways begin tests of an unmanned train in MoscowThat Russian Railways plans to launch an unmanned train to 2020-2021 years, was known in 2016. The first experimental trip of the electric train of the new type is scheduled for 2019. It will move without a driver in fully automatic mode.

New unmanned trains, if testing is successful will first be launched on the ICC. Their main task, according to the Russian Railways management to reduce the waiting time of trains at one minute in 2019, gradually from year to year, reducing it more and more. In addition to unmanned trains for the full upgrade of the railway system will need to implement an algorithm for automatic traffic control, the development of which is nearing completion.

The new system will work with communication GSM-R, calculate the distance between the trains and their speed. Because of it will also be possible to adjust the arrival schedule of trains online.


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