Russian scientists promise to reduce the cost of repairs iPhone and iPad three times

Replace cracked glass iPhone and iPad the Russians will be cheaper. Scientists of the National research technological University MISIS has developed a unique technology that will help in three times to reduce the cost of production of displays for these and other devices.


Russian scientists promise to reduce the cost of repairs iPhone and iPad three times

The basis of displays of modern smartphones – artificial sapphire (monocrystalline corundum), which are derived from aluminium oxide of high purity. In Russia it is the raw material in large quantities is not produced and purchased abroad at high prices. MISIS scientists have developed a new technology that will provide the necessary volumes of raw materials of domestic producers of single crystal corundum, the main element of the led and the protective glass modern gadgets.

The cost of a replacement display often accounts for 30-40 percent of the price of the smartphone


“Artificial sapphires are not only used in the manufacture of displays, and in the defense industry, portholes, bullet proof glass, lamps, matrices for cameras, plasma TVs, LEDs”, – said in an interview with Rg leading engineer of the Department of nonferrous metals and gold Mrs. Anton Nalivaiko.

Russian enterprise for the production of monocrystalline corundum cooperate with leading companies including Apple. Thus, the “single crystal” is one of the main suppliers of two-inch wafers of artificial sapphire, which is made from panel display “smart” watches Apple Watch. In addition, the products of the plant are used in the production of the iPhone – because it made the Home button and the camera glass. But they are forced to buy expensive imported raw materials – aluminum oxide, – the minimum price which is 9.5- $ 11 per kilogram. Because of this, domestic enterprises for the production of artificial sapphires are losing profitability.

15 000 rubles can cost to replace a cracked “glass” on your tablet.


At the site of the University created an experimental model of installation for obtaining aluminum oxide of high purity with a capacity of 1.0-1.2 kg per day. According to Nalyvaichenko, the first batch is now undergoing testing. Thus due to the relative cheapness of the equipment, the technology is easy massturbate and provide Russian producers of domestic raw materials in large volume.

Russian scientists promise to reduce the cost of repairs iPhone and iPad three times

Technology can not only reduce the cost of production of displays, but also to expand in Russia. Now, for example, price display replacement for iPhone an authorized service center leaves 30-40 percent of the cost of the device. To change broken screens are quite expensive, despite the fact that all components of supply from Chinese manufacturers. Replacing the touchscreen on the iPad is even more expensive. When the price of the tablet 40 thousand rubles replacement “glass” will cost you 12-15 thousand. Soon these high prices will be forgotten, promise Russian scientists.

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