Samsung creates Bright Night mode for night photography

Samsung creates software mobile mode for shooting in low light conditions. It will be called Bright Night.

Samsung creates Bright Night mode for night photography

The project is being developed as a response to the Night mode Sight that debuted at the Google Pixel 3. The Koreans use a similar approach: in the Bright Night the camera will take multiple images and “glue” them together. So you can achieve the best exposure and detail pictures.

According to rumors, the Bright Night will debut in the Samsung Galaxy S10, which has already launched. Confirmation of this found in the source code of the stock Camera for Galaxy Note 9.

Probably, the function will stay for some time exclusive Galaxy S10 before I start on other models. Earlier also promoted the Scene Optimizer, which worked for some time only on the nexus 9.

Bright Night — not the first attempt to repeat the success of Google. Previously advanced night photography copied by other manufacturers. OnePlus has named its Nightscape, Xiaomi — Night Scene, Huawei — Night Mode, Honor — Super Bright Mode.

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