Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S — saw and forgot

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S — saw and forgot

Today, the Russian fans of Samsung have the opportunity to order the new tablet, designed to compete with the iPad Pro. And hand on heart, to buy this South Korean novelty, you need to be a big fan of this producer.

Let’s start with the basics. Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S running on the operating system Windows 10 Pro costs 99 990 rubles. To refresh your memory: top-end 128-Gigabyte model of the iPad Pro in the shop is 86 990 rubles. Yes, Samsung included is offered with a cover-keyboard, but if we add to the Apple counterpart, the Smart Keyboard accessory device from South Korea will still be more expensive.

One would assume that the Galaxy Tab S Pro has a more impressive technical specifications, but here is depressing: the screen resolution 2164 x 1440 2048 x 2732 against the iPad Pro, the 2.2-GHz processor against at 2.26-GHz, 5-megapixel rear-facing camera versus 8 megapixel, and much more.

Typically, copying the design of Apple, Samsung usually saluted better technical specs, but this time it is unclear what aspect will be considered when promoting the product. Therefore, we initially obvious answer to the question about what kind of reference will prefer to open our readers desiring to buy professional tablet: this or this.

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