Samsung is Recalling nearly 3 million explosive washing machines

Samsung has announced the recall of nearly 3 million unsafe washing machines. Previously, consumers complained of the injury during their operation.

Samsung is Recalling nearly 3 million explosive washing machines

The South Korean company on Friday, November 4, announced the recall in the US, 2.8 million washing machines. The us Commission on consumer product safety (CPSC) said the recall are 34 models of washing machines.

During the examination it was found that in models with vertical load support rod does not have sufficient strength, causing the drum with the Laundry may fall off during operation at high speeds.

“The top cover of the washing machine can unexpectedly detach from the housing during its use, creating a risk of injury from impact”, — stated in the message of the Commission. The risk is created because of the strong vibrations.

For such an initiative by the South Korean manufacturer was forced to go after a sharp increase in explosions of washing machines. To date, Samsung has registered 733 of the incident, nine of which resulted in injuries to consumers.

Samsung is Recalling nearly 3 million explosive washing machines

The recall affects washing machines produced in the period from March 2011 to November 2016. Consumers will be able to take advantage of the free in-home repair with the warranty extension, to get a discount on the purchase of a new washing machine or to return the funds within 30 days after the announcement of the opinion.

In late September, Samsung has admitted that some models of its washing machines can be unsafe.

Until the company has withdrawn from the market for flagship smartphones Galaxy Note 7. The reason was problems with the battery. Consumers complained that the Samsung smartphone explode.

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