Smartphone app Second Chances can identify an opioid overdose

Scientists have created an app for smartphones that is able to detect an opioid overdose, and alert emergency services.


Smartphone app Second Chances can identify an opioid overdose

The application, called Second Chances, is still in the development stage, but researchers hope that it will be approved Management under the control over quality of foodstuff and medicines of the USA.

“Every day from an opioid overdose kills more than 110 Americans. This is a huge public health problem,” notes Jacob sunshine, study co-author, “Second chance”, which was published this week in the journal Science Translational Medicine.


When overdose occurs, breathing people is changed by a specific and predictable pattern. App Second Chances uses sonar technology to detect these changes and alert a friend, relative or doctor who then will be able to reverse the effects of overdose.

The developers said that the app does not require access to camera or microphone. It sends certain sound waves into the chest at a distance of three feet, and then monitors the signals that bounce back. These signals vary with respiration.

Smartphone app Second Chances can identify an opioid overdose


While conducting research under the strict supervision of medical staff with volunteer participation, the app could accurately identify an opioid overdose, in 19 cases out of 20.

Now the team Second Chance is working to improve UI and increase in the sensitivity of the algorithm. As noted by the engineers, false positives are a big problem — they can call emergency services without the need for it.

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