Steve Wozniak: Apple refused the audio Jack because nobody wants it

Steve Wozniak: Apple refused the audio Jack because nobody wants it


It is no secret that Apple considers the rejection of the 3.5 mm audio connector in the new iPhone 7 is very daring even for itself and explains its replacement with a new Lightning port with the desire to free up more space for the internal layout of the device. However, company co-founder Steve Wozniak says that the main reason is not in this.

In an interview with TechRadar Who told me that in fact Apple has decided to abandon the audio Jack just because hardly anyone uses it, and therefore miss his absence, few will.


“Not many people actually used it. For example, I never used it. For those who still used, there is a way – buy a compact transition cord,” said the Who, strongly implying that, in his opinion, no contact is not such a big problem.

In addition, Wozniak noted that he also used several Android phones, because I wanted to know how things are on the “other front” and the competitors are ready to really surprise.

“I have a lot of Android smartphones from different mobile operators. I like to compare. That’s the way I learn,” added Steve.


From the interview it also became known that Wozniak became like the Apple watch. Previously, he acted with sharp criticism to the side of the Apple Watch, describing them as another fashionable trinket and nothing more.

“I have become more like the Apple Watch. I confess that today I forgot to wear. Wanted to know time and only now realized that I forgot them. I often use them in everyday life. I like it. When I don’t use them, I can even forget about them,” says the Who.

Of course, this is not the first case when the Who says something I agree not many. But at the moment it is really not right about the audio Jack, or rather his lack of a new iPhone. For many buyers it is key. And, to tell the truth, the desire to get rid of the connector in favor of more place under the hood seems much more logical solution than the rejection of the connector just because they supposedly few uses.

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