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Phone Razer shone on the photo

The company Razer announced that it will unveil its smartphone on the first of November. Now resource Techbyte has published its living picture. Wish Razer to introduce a smartphone sounds a little strange, because the American manufacturer...


Huawei announced Honor 6 Pro

Smartphone Honor 6 was introduced in April 2017, and now the company has announced the release of the updated model Honor 6 Pro. The phone is still not included in the list of available devices on the...


Razer invites to the launch on 1 November

Razer announced the event on 1 November, which is expected to represent the first gaming smartphone. 31 January 2017 Razer acquired the company Nextbit. Nextbit in 2015 introduced the world’s first cloud-based smartphone Robin. The peculiarity of...