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Financial report Apple 15 interesting facts

Apple announced its results for the first fiscal quarter of 2016. As usual, this news caused heated debate on the Network. Most certainly see the indicators of the success of a thriving company. As always, there were...


Apple отчиталась перед инвесторами: время новых рекордов!

Минувшей ночью состоялась очередная телефонная конференция, где глава Apple Тим Кук и финансовый директор компании Лука Маэстри озвучили результаты Apple за первый финансовый квартал 2016 года, который включает в себя последние три месяца прошлого года. По традиции...


Why is the App Store better than Google Play

Confrontation App Store and Google Play in recent times has become even more fierce. Both shops are enough “rubbish” and abandoned applications, but also good programs out there you can still find. But which of the two...


Behind the scenes: how to create card Wallet for iOS

Wallet application is now actively conquering the market. Changing the name – before it was known as Passbook – Apple has retained its basic concept: it’s all the same convenient and innovative service for storing tickets, coupons,...