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New in macOS Mojave: Mac App Store

App store Apple’s first update since its founding. The Corporation completely changed its design and added new features and changed the rules to Mac App Store appeared more functional and cool application. Design Visually the shop now...


New in macOS Mojave: news Apple News

New macOS Mojave became available for download September 24, 2018. Among the many innovations the key for Apple has been the emergence of Mac news Apple News aggregator, the development of which the company was engaged several...


New in macOS Mojave: Dark mode

Tell about the first major visual change in the operating system for Mac computers. That is a dark mode. What it looks like. What apps support it, and whether they are comfortable to use now. About the...


15 best features of macOS Mojave

September 24, Apple released a macOS update Mojave for Mac computers, which were tested three months from the date of the presentation system at WWDC 2018. In the system there are many new features and changes. About...


Apple released macOS Mojave

After three months of testing, Apple released macOS Mojave for all users. This is a free update that is available to anyone with a compatible Mac computer. This is the first macOS with support for dark mode...


8 ways to speed up Mac

Computers eventually begin to run slower and Mac is no exception. There are many reasons that slow down your Mac. We have prepared eight tips to make your MacBook or iMac run faster. One of the most...