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360-degree video coming to Apple TV

Video 360 degree continues to win the hearts of users, and large corporations such as Facebook, actively take this technology on Board. Many iOS users interested in surround video immersive already be familiar with the application Littlstar....


Apple maps can get out?

Just seemed to me that the Apple maps one can use in Russia as well as the standard Maps application has dispelled this myth. It turned out that the data of the map service of Apple company,...


New Age iOS release famous tactical RPG

Game: New era | Free | Universal app | Set If you are too tired of boring casual game, you will undoubtedly appreciate the release of the famous game New Age for iOS, known among players as...


iOS 6: new tricks and “features”

On September 19, iOS 6 became available for download, and all rushed to update their hadeeth. Unfortunately, not all the details and features of iOS 6 are known to ordinary users, so to tell about them it...


How the iPhone changed the idea of photography

It would seem that until recently most of the photos were made on a “soapbox” or professional camera from Canon or Nikon. But it seems that that time has passed: now many photographers have other preferences, which...