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How to use AirPlay on Apple Watch 4.0

Take advantage of AirPlay now possible on Apple Watch. With AirPlay, you can easily play videos or music from your iPhone, iPad or iMac for other devices such as Apple TV or a “smart” column. And although...


Tim cook lit iPhone X

During his speech, Tim cook, the audience drew attention to the pocket of his trousers, from which protruded the iPhone X. Tim cook spoke to students at the conference Oxford Foundry. In the middle of the performance,...


Razer invites to the launch on 1 November

Razer announced the event on 1 November, which is expected to represent the first gaming smartphone. 31 January 2017 Razer acquired the company Nextbit. Nextbit in 2015 introduced the world’s first cloud-based smartphone Robin. The peculiarity of...