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One of the best email clients for iOS closes

Remember the Mailbox app? This is such an interesting e-mail client, for which many of you “stood” in the e-queue to get the app one of the first. Someone was waiting for a few weeks, but then...


5 annoying features of the iPhone

iPhone continues to gain market share, iOS and the popularity is growing very enviable pace, no matter what. But even the smartphone, called by many “first among equals” has a number of annoying features, which we will...


Chinese moremovers: case for iPhone from OnePlus

Apple’s competitors have repeatedly attempted to entice the audience of an American company by using methods of varying degrees of creativity and ingenuity. Representatives of Samsung advertised the Galaxy in line for iPhone at Apple Store, and...


Why app developers don’t like 3D Touch

Features 3D Touch, which became the main innovation of the new iPhone 6s, and predicted a bright future. The reviewers called it a new trend in the development of smartphones, which would completely turn the industry. Only...