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How to kill the PS4 one message

Many PS4 owners are faced with the problem when you open a message containing a string of characters which crashes the console. In some cases, cease to work properly and users have to perform a full factory...


4 alternatives to Microsoft Office

The situation around the office was developed so that Microsoft became the standard. When you need to create a text document, the majority of ordinary users need MS Office, and it needs it really. Microsoft knows how...


Top 5 games-the Battle Royale for iOS

“Battle Royal” (Battle Royale) is a genre of multiplayer game that combines the survival mode of “last man standing”. One card was facing a large number of players, typically 100 gamers, with a minimal set of starting...


iPad Pro 2018 will have better CPU A12X

After Apple registered a new iPad Pro in China, iOS developer spoke in detail about the processor that will be installed in the tablets. This was written the publication of iDownloadBlog. Brazilian iOS developer Guilherme Rambo has...